GPS watch kid tracker - Cmee

Cmee is a new developed brand under Spectrafence. Spectrafence has sold GPS watches since 2016, via resellers and our own website, both in Sweden and in other Nordic countries.The goal of Cmee is to offer the best and safest product range within GPS watches for children. There are some uncertainties about these products on the market that there is insufficient security. For us, this is an important issue when the products are worn by children. Cmee watches are of course CE approved.For us, it is not just about ensuring the watch itself, but for all the safety around the GPS watch feature. With a GPS watch from Cmee, it's not just the time you get to know. It's a whole system with watch, app and server connection. This means that you as a consumer know where your personal data are stored, and that the childs position and tasks do not end up in the wrong hands.Many similar products on the market send site information and personal data to unknown server systems in other countries, third party apps. This means that current laws and regulations are not followed. Our solution is our own app and server. All data and all personal data are stored on our own server that is completely dedicated to this purpose and is not shared with anyone else. It means total control and best security for the users ofCmee. We are currently completely alone about this! Everything to give children and parents the safest product on the market.

  • • Own app and server solution in Sweden
  • • Updated software in the clock for best security
  • • Support
  • • Clear manuals
  • • Selectable menu language in the Cmeewatch (Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and English)
  • • Easy to use app
  • • Safest GPS watch for children on the market

CMee App

Our companion app for our watches focusing on user friendliness and security. When we planned this app, there were some special features we wanted. Among other things, being able to easily connect more users to the same watch. For example, if two parents want to see their child from different phones. This feature is now in our app. Furthermore, we have made it easy to navigate and find features, developed a better design and simplified registration. If you have multiple watches for the same account, it is easy to switch between. An avatar can be added to make the app more personalized and faster localization has been made possible when the app is linked to our own server.

All data transfer between the app and watch is via our own server. That means we have full support, security and ability to completely delete all sensitive data whenever you want. We can provide new registry codes and "lock out" users if needed. There are clear terms of use when you register your account to inform you about what happens to your personal information. The Cmee app works with both Android and iOS. The app is free for download and the service is included for all Cmee watches.

If you do not have a Cmee GPS watch, you can still connect to our app. At present, it costs 49 SEK a month for Spectrafence watches. 69 SEK a month if you have a North 13.5 and 99 SEK a month for other models using Setracker.

Unique safety measures

Kids GPS watch with own
server and encrypted