GPS – Watch for children Cmee 1C

Cmee 1C is a further development on our bestseller TD-02. We have updated this version with a larger display, 1.3 inches instead of previously 1.22. This makes menus and numbers appear bigger. Furthermore, we have updated the colors to light blue and light pink. The watch is stable and uses GPS, A-GPS and LBS for location. At GPS signal, the watch shows thelocation with a 5 meter error margin.

Cmee 1C is not just a GPS watch. It also works as a mobile phone. This means that the watch is equipped with a Micro SIM card and canbe used as an ordinary mobile phone. Perfect if you want to call your child or if the child wants to be in touch with mom or dad. The watch can save up to ten phone numbers and three priority SOS numbers. These SOS numbers dial up the watch if the child presses the SOS button for at least three seconds. The watch also sends an SMS to these numbers if desired.

Other functions are chat function by voice message from the watch or text/voice to the watch from the APP,phonebook, vibration, silent mode, do not disturb, three individual alarms, add friend if you have another buddy to communicate with or siblings,geofence, historic route, SMS alerts, step counter and more. Menu languages in Swedish, English, German, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and more.

Safety is extremely important to us. Unlike all other similar products, we have aown companion APP and dedicated server for just GPS watches. This means that we have full control of personal data and the safety of the product. Furthermore, we have put energy on the watch firmware to be safe and blocked features such as controlling it via SMS, no visible ID numbers and, above all, the CE-approval mark, which means it meets the requirements of radiation.

Choose our Cmee watches for the best possible GPS watch for your child. Only the best is good enough for childrens safety!

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