GPS – Smart watch for children Cmee 2C

Cmee 2C has quickly become our bestselling GPS watch. Partly because it is packed with good features and stylish design. Cmee 2C is completely waterproof, IP 67. It also has a 1.3-inch HD monitor, "analogue" watch and a camera that can capture remote pictures from the app. In addition, we have released it in three popular colors, light blue, light pink and our own black edition.

We have developed the software focusing on security, we have blocked functions such as SMS control and there is no visible ID number for hijacking. In addition, we have redone the user interface and made it less "childlike" to fit a wider range of age. The black edition can even be used by adults without problems.

Our GPS watch Cmee 2C is connected to our own server and APP. The watch can be located via map and all settings are done from the app. This makes this watch very easy to use. The app is free to download and very nice-looking design and user friendly. We are constantly updating the app andimproving it. App and watch are also connected through our own server, meaning no sensitive data is shared to third parties and we have full control over security and functionality.

Features of Cmee 2C include phone, phonebook, camera, math games, chat, add friend, pedometer and SOS. Along with the app, there is the possibility of even more features like,geofences, alarm, do not disturb, position, historic route upto 30 days, SMS alert, send rewards, mute and more.

Cmee 2C is CE approved andincludes an easy to understand manual. Easy to get started with and fun to use for children and parents.

Like many of our customers, choose Cmee 2C if you are considering a GPS watch foryour children, or any adult.

Download product sheet here